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Do Dowry


Dowry. Anything and everything that:

a) is tendered by one party and accepted by another before, during, or after a marriage between individuals from the two sides. Continue reading Do Dowry

Changing The World


Life’s too short, and individual resources too limited, for a single being to accomplish everything single-handedly, and in a single lifetime. And so, if there’s a change you wish for the world, consider taking the world into confidence. If the thought behind your thought is powerful enough, it’ll work its way into other people. It’ll ignite them from within. And then, your thought, your idea won’t remain yours alone. It’ll grow beyond you. It’ll grow into, and inside people. The change you wish for, will grow from people to people. And it’ll continue to grow without, and after you.

(c) Mickey Kumra

Social Reminders #01

a. Don’t advertise your life to people. Don’t make it convenient for everyone to know everything about you. Few people deserve to know it all. Fewer deserve to have it served Continue reading Social Reminders #01

Shame Menstruation


Maybe menstruation was never a bad thing. Maybe menstruating women were only advised rest. Maybe they were requested to limit social, religious, and other engagements only to keep them from getting further drained. Continue reading Shame Menstruation

Let It Fly


If this resonates with you, maybe we are the same tribe.

Writing doesn’t come easy. Not to me. And it’s always personal. A part of me will find its way into every piece I write. Continue reading Let It Fly

My Heart’s Not Pretty


My heart’s not pretty. It’s bruised and scarred. I’ve walked with it on my sleeve far too long. And it’s brushed against the world hard and strong. Some have pinched it, some have punched it. Others have plucked bits for fun. My heart’s not pretty. Continue reading My Heart’s Not Pretty

Pride & Position


Here’s a lesson in pride and position. Continue reading Pride & Position

Beautiful Hope


More: All too often we are fooled by advice and experience. We accept that certain things can never be made possible. It is this submission to “undeniable” arguments and facts that damages our spirit. It is this that kills our enthusiasm for games we might play with life. Struggle doesn’t kill us. Continue reading Beautiful Hope