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Built Better



When you’re broken, you can be more than rebuilt. You can be built with more than you had, you can be built into more than you were. You can be built better, you can be built with choice.

(c) Mickey Kumra

Cannot Destroy One For Another



You could be doing it unconsciously, or you could be doing it half-knowingly. You could be led into doing it, or you could be compelled to do it. You could be under the impression that doing so would bring you relief, or you could be obsessed with extracting revenge. But you cannot, should not, are not to do it. Continue reading Cannot Destroy One For Another

Choose Your Battles


Choose your battles. You needn’t fight all those that come your way. Some are far more useful to you and your purpose than are others.

If you fight every battle, you have little left for the war. Save yourself for the war. Life demands you invest yourself wisely.

(c) Mickey Kumra

Gave up


“Giving up”, as a strategy, has never really done much for me. It’s proven to be neither good, nor successful under relevant circumstances. Circumstances involving those of my wants I consider reasonable. I’ve tried this strategy more than a few times, and it’s failed me almost every time. Continue reading Gave up

Growth, Not Time, Heals


Growth needs time. Don’t rush it. It needs nutrition. Feed it new knowledge, new experiences. It needs a helpful environment. Find it peaceful places, and nice people. Continue reading Growth, Not Time, Heals

A Once In Forever


Add: ‘loss’, ‘reduced ability’, ‘history’

You are not one in a million. You are once in forever. You won’t happen again. That’s why you must exert to extract all you can from your time here. That’s why you must not let anything—pain, heartbreak, failure—anything, keep you still too long. Pause if you must, but don’t stop.

(c) Mickey Kumra

There Is Peace In Pursuit


No matter what the unknowns, the most assured way of achieving something, of achieving anything, you find, is to go after it, to try for it. So, make the decision to try. To keep trying. To employ as many different ways as it takes. For as long as it does. Make the decision to keep seeking newer paths. Better paths. To keep creating them. Make the decision to keep building. To keep giving whatever you can. Because there is peace in pursuit.

(c) Mickey Kumra

The Journey Makes You Fit


They say it’s the journey, not the destination. But I used to frequently find myself questioning this. My issue used to be, if the journey’s nice and of reasonable length, and the destination is just a point to be reached, sure the journey’s the bigger pleasure. But, if the journey’s hard and Continue reading The Journey Makes You Fit