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A Place In Their Heart


You don’t create space for yourself in anyone’s heart. The space already exists, or it doesn’t. All you do is, show a bit of your stuff. If the space’s present, you get ushered right in. Call it vibe, connection, energy, or whatever. If it’s there, it’ll latch on to you. You don’t have to go about carving out anything in anyone. You can let life do that for them.

(c) Mickey Kumra

Social Reminders #01

a. Don’t advertise your life to people. Don’t make it convenient for everyone to know everything about you. Few people deserve to know it all. Fewer deserve to have it served Continue reading Social Reminders #01

Shame Menstruation


Maybe menstruation was never a bad thing. Maybe menstruating women were only advised rest. Maybe they were requested to limit social, religious, and other engagements only to keep them from getting further drained. Continue reading Shame Menstruation

Forgive The Past You


If charity begins at home, compassion begins with self. People make mistakes. We make mistakes. Some big, some bigger. While we are able to call upon the wisdom to forgive others, we are unable to reach for the strength to forgive our own selves. We are able to move past the past with others, but not with Continue reading Forgive The Past You

Preaching Self Love


Mad, self-obsessed, obnoxious, narcissistic, . . . The course of true love never did run smooth, said Shakespeare. ;)

It can get difficult to understand why some people might not like you for liking yourself. They may gladly Continue reading Preaching Self Love

Pride & Position


Here’s a lesson in pride and position. Continue reading Pride & Position

So Beaut(y)ful


It’s not how pretty you’re born, it’s how beautiful you become. ~ Mickey Kumra

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