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Cannot Destroy One For Another



You could be doing it unconsciously, or you could be doing it half-knowingly. You could be led into doing it, or you could be compelled to do it. You could be under the impression that doing so would bring you relief, or you could be obsessed with extracting revenge. But you cannot, should not, are not to do it. Continue reading Cannot Destroy One For Another

Growth, Not Time, Heals


Growth needs time. Don’t rush it. It needs nutrition. Feed it new knowledge, new experiences. It needs a helpful environment. Find it peaceful places, and nice people. Continue reading Growth, Not Time, Heals

A Once In Forever


Add: ‘loss’, ‘reduced ability’, ‘history’

You are not one in a million. You are once in forever. You won’t happen again. That’s why you must exert to extract all you can from your time here. That’s why you must not let anything—pain, heartbreak, failure—anything, keep you still too long. Pause if you must, but don’t stop.

(c) Mickey Kumra

Heart Does Go On


In some people, this thought might rouse resistance at first. But allow it time to make its way into you. :) At the same time, it might be helpful to look at this other piece, Heal Slow.

“Sometimes the heart does move on. It’s the head that needs convincing.”

(c) Mickey Kumra

Your Hero


I cannot be your hero. Your heroes must be people that pick themselves up quicker than they get knocked down. People that show no damage to strength or spirit after they get hit. People that shine a smile, and wave to the crowds Continue reading Your Hero

My Heart’s Not Pretty


My heart’s not pretty. It’s bruised and scarred. I’ve walked with it on my sleeve far too long. And it’s brushed against the world hard and strong. Some have pinched it, some have punched it. Others have plucked bits for fun. My heart’s not pretty. Continue reading My Heart’s Not Pretty

That Pain


You know what is painful?

When ideas of a particular somebody won’t stop ruling over you. When you are no longer with this somebody, or couldn’t be with them, and yet your awareness won’t stop from indulging every bit of itself in measuring everyone against every bit Continue reading That Pain

Fiery Souls


You know what drives me crazy? This thing we do when our hearts are cracked.
We cut ourselves up into smaller pieces and hand these out to more and more people. We think if someone messed up a piece or two, we would still Continue reading Fiery Souls