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Social Reminders #01

a. Don’t advertise your life to people. Don’t make it convenient for everyone to know everything about you. Few people deserve to know it all. Fewer deserve to have it served Continue reading Social Reminders #01

Daddy Needs Your Hand


More: When you are growing up, you go through a phase when you want to be demonstrate your self-reliance, when you want people to know you aren’t dependent upon your parents for every littlest of things. But this assertion of your self-dependence can cause some heartache to your parents. It can make them feel you Continue reading Daddy Needs Your Hand

Only Two Good Reasons


When you share your honest reasons with people, often, they too find some reason to share in your ambitions.

“I’ve learned that both pain and privilege have the same and only two good purposes. Elevation and alleviation. Elevation of thought, and alleviation of suffering. Yours or another’s. I write for these purposes.”

(c) Mickey Kumra

Forgive The Past You


If charity begins at home, compassion begins with self. People make mistakes. We make mistakes. Some big, some bigger. While we are able to call upon the wisdom to forgive others, we are unable to reach for the strength to forgive our own selves. We are able to move past the past with others, but not with Continue reading Forgive The Past You

Heart Does Go On


In some people, this thought might rouse resistance at first. But allow it time to make its way into you. :) At the same time, it might be helpful to look at this other piece, Heal Slow.

“Sometimes the heart does move on. It’s the head that needs convincing.”

(c) Mickey Kumra

The Journey Makes You Fit


They say it’s the journey, not the destination. But I used to frequently find myself questioning this. My issue used to be, if the journey’s nice and of reasonable length, and the destination is just a point to be reached, sure the journey’s the bigger pleasure. But, if the journey’s hard and Continue reading The Journey Makes You Fit

Preaching Self Love


Mad, self-obsessed, obnoxious, narcissistic, . . . The course of true love never did run smooth, said Shakespeare. ;)

It can get difficult to understand why some people might not like you for liking yourself. They may gladly Continue reading Preaching Self Love

Honest Peace


Honesty may buy people nothing, but me it buys peace.

On that note, here are a few things I wanted to say. On, well, a few things I have had to say something on every now and then. Since I forget at least something every time, I compiled this. Hope this is useful. :)

1. Difficulties – Write down your situation in as much detail as you can. You may not Continue reading Honest Peace