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Life & Lies


A life built on top of lies is a lie. Lies can be lived, but they cannot be enjoyed. They might please, but they won’t satisfy. Because they’ll always bring along, at least to the sufficiently aware, a sense of having cheated it to the achievement. Continue reading Life & Lies

Choose Your Battles


Choose your battles. You needn’t fight all those that come your way. Some are far more useful to you and your purpose than are others.

If you fight every battle, you have little left for the war. Save yourself for the war. Life demands you invest yourself wisely.

(c) Mickey Kumra

Changing The World


Life’s too short, and individual resources too limited, for a single being to accomplish everything single-handedly, and in a single lifetime. And so, if there’s a change you wish for the world, consider taking the world into confidence. If the thought behind your thought is powerful enough, it’ll work its way into other people. It’ll ignite them from within. And then, your thought, your idea won’t remain yours alone. It’ll grow beyond you. It’ll grow into, and inside people. The change you wish for, will grow from people to people. And it’ll continue to grow without, and after you.

(c) Mickey Kumra

Gave up


“Giving up”, as a strategy, has never really done much for me. It’s proven to be neither good, nor successful under relevant circumstances. Circumstances involving those of my wants I consider reasonable. I’ve tried this strategy more than a few times, and it’s failed me almost every time. Continue reading Gave up



People, places. Objectives, obsessions. Meanings, methods. Successes, scores. Anything that’s not adding to you, is wasting you.

Whatever isn’t growing you, is limiting you.

(c) Mickey Kumra

There Is Peace In Pursuit


No matter what the unknowns, the most assured way of achieving something, of achieving anything, you find, is to go after it, to try for it. So, make the decision to try. To keep trying. To employ as many different ways as it takes. For as long as it does. Make the decision to keep seeking newer paths. Better paths. To keep creating them. Make the decision to keep building. To keep giving whatever you can. Because there is peace in pursuit.

(c) Mickey Kumra

Only Two Good Reasons


When you share your honest reasons with people, often, they too find some reason to share in your ambitions.

“I’ve learned that both pain and privilege have the same and only two good purposes. Elevation and alleviation. Elevation of thought, and alleviation of suffering. Yours or another’s. I write for these purposes.”

(c) Mickey Kumra