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Only Two Good Reasons


When you share your honest reasons with people, often, they too find some reason to share in your ambitions.

“I’ve learned that both pain and privilege have the same and only two good purposes. Elevation and alleviation. Elevation of thought, and alleviation of suffering. Yours or another’s. I write for these purposes.”

(c) Mickey Kumra

Honest Peace


Honesty may buy people nothing, but me it buys peace.

On that note, here are a few things I wanted to say. On, well, a few things I have had to say something on every now and then. Since I forget at least something every time, I compiled this. Hope this is useful. :)

1. Difficulties – Write down your situation in as much detail as you can. You may not Continue reading Honest Peace

Your Hero


I cannot be your hero. Your heroes must be people that pick themselves up quicker than they get knocked down. People that show no damage to strength or spirit after they get hit. People that shine a smile, and wave to the crowds Continue reading Your Hero

Let It Fly


If this resonates with you, maybe we are the same tribe.

Writing doesn’t come easy. Not to me. And it’s always personal. A part of me will find its way into every piece I write. Continue reading Let It Fly