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The Journey Makes You Fit


They say it’s the journey, not the destination. But I used to frequently find myself questioning this. My issue used to be, if the journey’s nice and of reasonable length, and the destination is just a point to be reached, sure the journey’s the bigger pleasure. But, if the journey’s hard and Continue reading The Journey Makes You Fit

Fiery Souls


You know what drives me crazy? This thing we do when our hearts are cracked.
We cut ourselves up into smaller pieces and hand these out to more and more people. We think if someone messed up a piece or two, we would still Continue reading Fiery Souls

Beautiful Hope


More: All too often we are fooled by advice and experience. We accept that certain things can never be made possible. It is this submission to “undeniable” arguments and facts that damages our spirit. It is this that kills our enthusiasm for games we might play with life. Struggle doesn’t kill us. Continue reading Beautiful Hope

Carry Your Armour


More: Make a list of those that have unconditional faith in you. Those that do take notice, yet aren’t too perturbed, when you stumble. Those that don’t think they need to say how sorry they are if you fall. Those that concern themselves far less with the outcomes you achieve than they do with the efforts you make.  Continue reading Carry Your Armour

Love Mad


Sidenote: Yes, you’ll have to make a leap. Yes, you’ll have to have faith. Yes, it may hurt. Yes, it may drain you. Yes, it may not last. But, if you want to live it, at some point, you have to abandon all your calculations Continue reading Love Mad

Peace In Pursuit


It might get hard, but remember, there is peace in pursuit.

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