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Built Better



When you’re broken, you can be more than rebuilt. You can be built with more than you had, you can be built into more than you were. You can be built better, you can be built with choice.

(c) Mickey Kumra

Reading Together



Because a relationship is equal ownership. Continue reading Reading Together

Cannot Destroy One For Another



You could be doing it unconsciously, or you could be doing it half-knowingly. You could be led into doing it, or you could be compelled to do it. You could be under the impression that doing so would bring you relief, or you could be obsessed with extracting revenge. But you cannot, should not, are not to do it. Continue reading Cannot Destroy One For Another

Love & Loyalty


Love’s probably many things. But perhaps, more than anything else, it’s a desire to feel belonged. Not owned, not chained, just belonged. A desire to become and remain loyal to just one. The desire to belong wholly and solely to only them.  Continue reading Love & Loyalty

Better The Villain



If you cannot, do not, injure anybody, how do you overlook the injuring of one? How do you allow injury to your own person? Or if you think it’s sin to cause harm, or that it’s sin to allow harm, how do you not think that it’s sin to not respond when harm is being done to you? Continue reading Better The Villain

Life & Lies


A life built on top of lies is a lie. Lies can be lived, but they cannot be enjoyed. They might please, but they won’t satisfy. Because they’ll always bring along, at least to the sufficiently aware, a sense of having cheated it to the achievement. Continue reading Life & Lies

Do Dowry


Dowry. Anything and everything that:

a) is tendered by one party and accepted by another before, during, or after a marriage between individuals from the two sides. Continue reading Do Dowry

Choose Your Battles


Choose your battles. You needn’t fight all those that come your way. Some are far more useful to you and your purpose than are others.

If you fight every battle, you have little left for the war. Save yourself for the war. Life demands you invest yourself wisely.

(c) Mickey Kumra