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Truest Friends


Your truest friends are those whose attitude, expectations, and treatment—towards, from, or of you—are not altered by alterations in status or stature—yours or theirs.

(c) Mickey Kumra

Innocence Lost


Heartbreak frequently leads to one closing up. To them losing their innocence, their childlikeness. This loss of innocence is perhaps one of the greater losses. And it’s perhaps the reason one can’t trust, or love, as deeply as they once have. Continue reading Innocence Lost

The Eternal Spring


What are you running after? Does the pursuit provide you peace? Will achievement provide you satisfaction? How long might the peace, or satisfaction last?

Life. A mad rush from winter to summer. In the hope of eternal spring.

(c) Mickey Kumra

A New Life


A new life begins the moment you realize it was another life all along. Another life, all the time, up to the present. The moment you lose fondness for, and attachment to, the life you’ve had. The moment you can no longer see meaning in, or benefits from, the person you’ve been.

(c) Mickey Kumra

Don’t Count Your Blessings


Don’t count your blessings. You won’t remember them. Not unless you want to feel grateful. Count your strengths. You’ll be reminded of them whenever you need to feel strong, or peaceful.

(c) Mickey Kumra

Growth, Not Time, Heals


Growth needs time. Don’t rush it. It needs nutrition. Feed it new knowledge, new experiences. It needs a helpful environment. Find it peaceful places, and nice people. Continue reading Growth, Not Time, Heals

A Once In Forever


Add: ‘loss’, ‘reduced ability’, ‘history’

You are not one in a million. You are once in forever. You won’t happen again. That’s why you must exert to extract all you can from your time here. That’s why you must not let anything—pain, heartbreak, failure—anything, keep you still too long. Pause if you must, but don’t stop.

(c) Mickey Kumra

A Place In Their Heart


You don’t create space for yourself in anyone’s heart. The space already exists, or it doesn’t. All you do is, show a bit of your stuff. If the space’s present, you get ushered right in. Call it vibe, connection, energy, or whatever. If it’s there, it’ll latch on to you. You don’t have to go about carving out anything in anyone. You can let life do that for them.

(c) Mickey Kumra