Worded Works

Worded Works. Not very telling, the title affords me the freedom to further all my works from a single space. The writings here are all connected, or related, in some manner. Because there runs a thread, no matter how slim at times, through all of them. This thread, in part, is me. The works here, thus, are extensions of parts of me.

When you write from the soul, you’ve to remember that the soul doesn’t always sell. You’ve to remember that, with words, beauty lies in the heart and head of the reader alone. Also, with some journeys, you¬†can prepare but not plan. And, as far as my journey with words is concerned, I hope to use them with good intent alone. With the intent to regale and reveal, help and heal, inspire and encourage. Because words are beautiful, they are powerful. Because words are magic.

Worded Works. Of growing in love, with love. Of pain, heartbreak, and recovery. Of human potential, ambition, and the many worlds of possibilities. Of struggle, success, and the journey. Of people, and society. Worded Works. Of finding, and raising yourself. Of elevation of thought, and alleviation of suffering.

Best, Mickey.

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