I’ve learned that both pain and privilege have the same two, and only two, good purposes. Elevation and alleviation. Elevation of thought, alleviation of suffering. Yours or another’s. I write for these purposes.

Outside of writing, I’m very interested in conversations, books, movies, eating out, and travel. And in ideation, and performing. I would any day prefer a position on the stage to a place in the audience. More so when the presentation in question involves superheroes.

I frequently find myself thinking a lot. And often, just as frequently, writing just as much. From my days at engineering college, as a programmer with a software major, and then studying basics of entrepreneurship and business, I’ve collected heaps of stories. More than most people have. I think. ;)

Experience has taught me, for us to be at peace, our insides must be convinced we are doing justice to our days. So, I try to occupy myself with projects that stir me intrinsically, that possess some very strong meaning for me. These are projects that I not only enjoy, but, on account of the good they appear capable of, also have immense belief in. These are causes that draw me to themselves. And I often find myself immersed in them, creating objects and structures to further them. Both impact and scale matter to me, but when circumstance necessitates a choice between the two, it’s usually the former that helps decide things for me.

Friends tell me I can go on endlessly. Well, I do love conversations. Even if it’s only I who does the talking. Especially when it’s only I that does. Friends’ words again, not mine. :)

Love, Mickey.