Full Hearts | Stone Cold

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For us to respond to someone else’s emotion, we’ve to first allow ourselves to feel their emotion fully. We’ve to first let their emotion in. We’ve to allow it to reach our centres for feelings. For some of us, that means unblocking the passage to these centres. It means allowing entry into them to our own emotions. It means feeling the weight of some emotions, and associated thoughts, we’ve been holding back with effort. It means risking our peace and sanity. And that scares us.

Some of us, we aren’t cold. We’re just too aware of our vast capacity for emotions. We’re just too afraid of our ability to feel. Afraid of feeling too much. Afraid of becoming overwhelmed. Afraid of losing balance. Of losing sense and control. We aren’t cold, we’re burdened. With sensitivity, empathy, and experience. ~ Mickey Kumra

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