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Inner Infinities | Joke’s On You


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Inner Infinities | Obsessed

It can get difficult to understand why some people might not like you for liking yourself. They may gladly, even if only seemingly, join you if you were to shower bucket loads of love upon some new object, event or person. But, if you were to show affection for your own self, if you were to get cozy with who you are, and show it, they aren’t going to like it much. Continue reading Inner Infinities | Obsessed

Inner Infinities | Anew

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Inner Infinities | Measures

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Inner Infinities | Die Trying

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Inner Infinities | That Something You Are

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Something Else

The lion doesn’t care for chocolate. It does for rabbits. And, perhaps, for lionesses. It would hug you if you presented it either. It would worship you if were god at winning both for yourself. Continue reading Something Else

Proven Best

“You convince nobody unfoolish of nothing by no means other than continuing to remain steadfast on that which you desire to convince them of. If you wish to convince someone of who you are, or what you stand for, the best course isn’t to reiterate your opinions and commitments. It is to do more of what you do.” Continue reading Proven Best