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Bitter Better Love | Please Don’t

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Bitter Better Love | Words & Presses

Imagine. Entertain any notion. But preferably that kind which doesn’t remain limited to imagination. [wink]  Continue reading Bitter Better Love | Words & Presses

Bitter Better Love | Fiery Souls

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It Is This

No hurry, no rush. Nothing missing, nothing lacking. Here, and now. Full. Continue reading It Is This


“Some of us are so loyal, we get mistaken for a pet. And when we are offended or betrayed, and we bite in protest, we get accused of not being human enough. Strange.”  Continue reading Bitter

Finer Things

“How do you fall for someone celebrated, someone you don’t know too well, someone who, perhaps, doesn’t know you at all, but not for someone who follows you around, who invests all of themselves into your happiness?”  Continue reading Finer Things

Wild Wild Chase

“You think they need support. You tell yourself they behave as they do because they are compelled by forces beyond themselves. Because of pain. You assume they would love you if you stood rock solid through all their turmoil, lasted all their confusion, withstood all their conflicts. Continue reading Wild Wild Chase

This Pain That Pain

“You know what’s painful? When ideas of a particular someone won’t stop ruling you. When you’re no longer with this someone, when you can’t be with them, yet your conscious won’t stop from indulging itself in measuring everyone against your someone.


“When it won’t stop from picking out how everyone uses their voice, and words, and everything differently from your someone. When it won’t stop from shouting loud and clear how your someone’s use of these just. was. better. That’s painful.”

(c) Mickey Kumra