Words Change Lives


More: For the most part, our lives are nothing but responses we receive to what we think or do. Our thoughts and actions are our reactions to stimuli, internal or external. By changing our reactions, we can change our lives.

Reactions are tied to our perception of the triggering stimuli. We may not consciously observe or regulate our reactions, but if we do, we’ll find that we can exercise a great degree of control over them. This means that all reactions, including those believed to be hardwired into the human brain, are subject to conscious influence.

Perception is born of thought and is different from perspective, which might be understood as a mental view of some situation. Some of these thoughts might have been long forgotten, but that doesn’t mean we cannot alter the perceptions they’ve left behind.

Begin by identifying the “responses” you repeatedly “receive” and wish to alter. Identify the “reactions” that lead to these responses. Identify the “perceptions” responsible for these reactions. Identify the “thoughts” (if you can recall them) behind these perceptions. If you cannot recall the thoughts, attempt to come up with thoughts that support the existing perceptions. Challenge the thoughts, recalled or attempted, with words that counter them. Find these words, or invent them.

Words change thoughts. Thoughts change perceptions. Perceptions change reactions. Reactions change lives.

(c) Mickey Kumra