Carry Your Armour


More: Make a list of those that have unconditional faith in you. Those that do take notice, yet aren’t too perturbed, when you stumble. Those that don’t think they need to say how sorry they are if you fall. Those that concern themselves far less with the outcomes you achieve than they do with the efforts you make. Those that aren’t blind, indifferent, selfish or unkind, but only refuse to factor in your unsuccesses while building or revising their opinion of, or relationship with, you. Those that aren’t always watching you but always watching out for you. Those that don’t base decisions relating to you on the moves you make, or on the movements in your fortunes.

These are people that don’t lose sight, not for a moment, of your potential. These are those for whom you’ve always been, and always are, a winner. List them. This list is your armour. Carry it everywhere. Make copies and put them everywhere. On your walls and furniture. Inside your car, and on the outside of your mobiles and computers. Every place where you’re bound to see the list even if you wouldn’t, or couldn’t, attend to it. Go through the list every time you happen to doubt yourself or your ambitions. At other times, let it be relegated to the background. Let it constantly, even if subconsciously, remind you that there are some who think you never fail. Let it tell you that so, perhaps, you never can. At least not as far as they are concerned.

And yes, find ways of thanking the people on your list. Because, more likely than not, they wouldn’t know in what terribly important ways they’ve been contributing to your life, and to keeping you in pursuit.

(c) Mickey Kumra