No Breaks


Sidenote: This quote intends to convey that when you break up with someone, you initiate them into a life without you. So now, even if you return to them, it’s quite likely that things between you two won’t be the same again. Because you’ve given them an emotional jolt. Because you’ve primed their emotional mechanisms for another jolt and taught them to remain on their guard. Because you’ve given them chance to awaken to the possibility of a life without you. Because you’ve readied them for that possibility. And so, they may not be able to love you again like before—with abandon. And what’s love that’s not free but fearful? So, don’t just break up because there are some moments when you can do without them or their love. Else, you may never have the whole of their love ever again.

Don’t break up with someone you wouldn’t want to prepare for a life without you.

(c) Mickey Kumra