Let It Fly


If this resonates with you, maybe we are the same tribe.

Writing doesn’t come easy. Not to me. And it’s always personal. A part of me will find its way into every piece I write. Or maybe it’s the part that will write the piece it needs. Either way, the part or piece won’t always resonate with everyone they reach. And you might think that’s okay. But it’s not. To leave a part of yourself so exposed, so open to scrutiny and judgement. To leave it open to misinterpretation, and to rejection and abandonment. That can be scary.

I know people that laugh all the time, but haven’t smiled once in years.

But then, I’m reminded of these people. And I ask if my piece might do something for them. If my part might connect with them, find friends in them. If yes, I let the piece fly. Because perhaps that’s the purpose of things like art, music, and literature. Not to create beauty or earn glory. But to attempt things that could become something to someone. And maybe it’s in becoming something to someone that the pieces so created end up beautiful and glorious.

(c) Mickey Kumra