Innocence Lost

Heartbreak frequently leads to one closing up. To them losing their innocence, their childlikeness. This loss of innocence is perhaps one of the greater losses. And it’s perhaps the reason one can’t trust, or love, as deeply as they once have. 


If you can’t experience happiness, or excitement again, if you can’t fall in love again, maybe it’s this loss that’s to be blamed.

You don’t really recover from heartbreak until you recover the portion of your innocence lost to it. You could wait for its absence—your lost innocence’s—to make itself known to you, or you could take notice of all that it’s doing to you. And then you could hope for someone to return it to you, or someone to help you find it back. Or you could proceed to recognize and then demolish, or step around and past, the barriers built inside you to its reappearance in your character, and reentrance into your life.

(c) Mickey Kumra