Honest Peace


Honesty may buy people nothing, but me it buys peace.

On that note, here are a few things I wanted to say. On, well, a few things I have had to say something on every now and then. Since I forget at least something every time, I compiled this. Hope this is useful. :)

1. Difficulties – Write down your situation in as much detail as you can. You may not necessarily share this information with me. But you may need to share it with someone. Writing allows you to “look” at your situation from a distance. It helps you with a chance at new perspectives and solutions. Also, it relieves the heart and mind. The mind knows troubles have been put on record and it doesn’t need to carry them with itself all day. And yes, you can still send this information to me. I’ll try to help. Just help me by trusting me on this. :)

2. Writing better – I am no writing or language coach. But I can tell you what works for me. Reading better does. :) Read better books. From a variety of authors. From authors who have a command over the language (grammar included) you wish to write in. Also, “think” in the language of your “writings”. Doesn’t work as well if you think in one language and then attempt to write the same thoughts in another. Think your “thoughts” in the language” you would want to “write” them in. Hope this helps. :)

3. Submissions – I humbly, humbly request you not to submit material for “consideration”, “review”, or “posting”. Don’t ask people to “judge” your work. Nobody’s grand enough to judge it for you. You could ask for opinion. And that too from people who are prepared to give you just that – honest feedback. Not criticism. In any form. Also, Worded Works is currently too small to get your material sufficient visibility. I would hate to deceive you into making a submission only to generate interest in this page. Besides, at present, I involve myself in every aspect of Worded Works, and this undertaking would need a lot more of my time (which, by the way, is already very ill managed) if I were to take on any more activities. I wouldn’t be able to do justice to your efforts. I have tried to on more than one occasion, but it doesn’t work out. Really sorry. But my head’s on it. Hopefully, I’ll find something helpful soon. Or a higher power will. :)

4. Comments, Reactions, Messages – I am ever thankful for all the engagement the page and posts continue to get. I am bad at picking up praise, worse at responding to it. But I really appreciate all the kind words and gestures that have come this way. :) That said, not all engagement received has come with big, nice bouquets. There have been (some) brickbats along with the (many) bouquets. There have been learnings and insights. I suppose you just have to keep trying. “Because there is peace in pursuit.” :) Also, I regret the fact I haven’t been able to respond to a lot of the comments. At least not in as many words as I would have liked to. But hey, I do have a 100% response rate for emails and messages! :)

Lots of love and luck,
Your friendly neighbourhood Spi.. umm.. Something,
Mickey. ;)

(c) Mickey Kumra