Gave up

“Giving up”, as a strategy, has never really done much for me. It’s proven to be neither good, nor successful under relevant circumstances. Circumstances involving those of my wants I consider reasonable. I’ve tried this strategy more than a few times, and it’s failed me almost every time. 


I’ve tried imploring myself to resist thought and action on an ambition I haven’t sufficient made progress on. I’ve tried urging myself to accept unsuccess, or impossibility. But, in the face of sustained and fervent desire, these attempts have delivered little more than frustration and conflict. And so, I’ve ended up, each time, deciding to return to the ambition. Each time, I’ve found myself eventually giving up on “giving up.” And I’ve noted, from each of my many “abandonments”, that my want has ended up either fulfilled, exhausted, or evolved. As have I.

I gave up on giving up.

(c) Mickey Kumra