Choose Hope

We can live with struggle. We can enjoy struggle. Struggle only grows us, and equips us. It enriches us. But we allow ourselves to fall for advice and experience. We allow ourselves to be fooled by it. And we accept that certain things can never be made possible. That some things just cannot be arranged. It is this submission


to undeniable arguments, to facts, that damages us. It is this that kills our enthusiasm for games that we might otherwise play with life.

There’ll always be someone wanting and waiting to take you for a ride. You’ll need to learn to navigate around their kind. You’ll need to learn to separate the maybes from the maybe-nots. And you’ll need to learn this through trials and triumphs. That shall remain your challenge. But make it a habit to try the maybes, to pursue them. And in the maybes, maybe you shall find life.

Choose hope. Chase hope. Cling to hope. Go where hope is promised. Seek out those that know hope inside out. Because it’s never the struggle that dims, or extinguishes us. But the verdict of impossibility, passed prematurely upon a want dear to us, that does.

(c) Mickey Kumra