Cannot Destroy One For Another

You could be doing it entirely unconsciously, you could be doing it half-knowingly. You could be led into doing it, or you could be compelled to do it. You could be under the impression that doing so would bring you relief, or you could be obsessed with extracting revenge. But you cannot, should not, are not to do it.


Because it’s going to gain you nothing, apart from, maybe, a measure of temporary relief. If at all it does something for you, that is. But this passing relief’s going to keep you addicted to both your pain and the affliction causing it. And you’re going to keep wanting to hurt more people, more times.

Besides, it could take away from those you hurt something very important. It could leave them hurting very badly. And from all that you would have learnt of pain, you would know it’s not a very nice thing to have or give.

You cannot destroy someone because someone else destroyed you.

(c) Mickey Kumra