Blessings Are Borrowings

Your tools, talents, privileges, they aren’t really yours. You may own them, control them, decide what to do with them. But that’s only now. And now’s temporary. Gift, talent, fortune, or chance, whichever you may deem responsible for landing you what you have, it’s not of your making. Neither is your capacity to labour, or have laboured, for these merits. They come from somewhere. Maybe random, maybe mysterious, but somewhere. Thank this place. Hold it in high regard. Put its gifts to you to good use.¬†


“Blessings are borrowings. You owe it to the place they come from, even if this place is pure imagination, to use them to their fullest potential. To not hoard, waste, abuse, or otherwise insult them. To share them. To take them to as many as could benefit from them. You owe it to the blessings to use them well.”

(c) Mickey Kumra